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Thousands of people are regaining their vitality, health and exuberance for life with nourishing and energizing living foods.

        - You don’t have to be in pain

        - You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight.

        - You don’t have to feel sluggish, foggy, old and

          tired anymore.

... by gathering and sourcing all the essentials to enjoy a sustainable living foods lifestyle...

Loreta makes it easy!


Dr. Ann Wigmore Monument Granite Plaques

Still Available Now!

Dr. Ann Wigmore Memorial Service 
& Ashes Burial in Kruopiai, Lithuania 
September 29, 2013Ann_Video_2013.html

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Dr Ann Wigmore Tombstone Dedication 
August 23, 2014Ann_Video_2014.html
Genute Baliuliene at Dedication of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Monument 
at Kruopiai, Lithuania
August 23, 2012Ann_Video_2012.html
Kestutis Krasauskas (Sculptor) and Petras Vainius at Monument on 
August 23, 2012Ann_Video_2012_Petras_and_Sculptor.html

View our Video Presentation of

Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Life Contributions

Dr Ann Wigmore 
4th Year Celebration 20154th_year_celebration.html
The Discovery of Dr Ann Wigmore’s Birth PlaceThe_Discovery.html